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RAWPAC (Recreation and Wellness for Parents and Children) designs tailored fitness regimes integrated with sports, music, and dance for kids and adults.

We offer structured physical activity programmes and curriculums which are designed according to the needs of our customers. We work with schools, societies, and communities to implement these programs.


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Why Choose Us

Qualified professionals

Each fitness regime is designed after careful research by sports management experts.

Verified and trusted Coaches

We collaborate with professional trainers after a thorough background screening. Our coaches strive towards realizing the full potential of your child.

Child proof equipment

Your child loves turning the place upside down? No problem. Our child proof equipment ensure safety for the little ones!

Parent Child Bonding Activities

All talk and no play makes any relationship dull. Our fun-filled recreational programs help parents and children bond together, so come play with us!

Services We Offer

We specialize in designing and organizing fun fitness and learning programmes in collaboration with preschools to contribute towards a child’s holistic development. The kids in preschools are at their raw stage, so RAWPAC is here to help!

We design a framework of the fitness activities, where we work on enhancing the key aspects of fitness like correct body posture, confidence, stamina building, and teamwork.

We listen to the needs and wants of both parents and kids, and design a fitness regime that suits you the best!

One, two, three GOAL! The excitement is the same whether you’re 2 or 20. We host sports themed birthday parties, sports day and annual days at your venue or at an alternate venue!

We stress while we eat, we stress at work, we stress at home, but we don’t know how to stress it out! A fun fitness break can be extremely rejuvenating. We host corporate fun fitness regimes too, bust the stress with RAWPAC!

What Parents Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely, as functional fitness is a very good way in keeping your body healthy and active while doing your day to day activities. Kids following functional fitness from a very early age tend to be more active and healthy. It is very beneficial for them in the long run.

Yes we do! We offer programs which include the likes of Yoga, Zumba, Functional Fitness and much more.

Our policy is to maintain a 1:10 coach to kid ratio. The reason being quality. This way the children understand better and are more involved in the sessions.

Absolutely. We believe in transparency.Hence if a parent chooses to stay back and watch a session, we would not only encourage them to watch the session but to also join in the fun!

We tie up with preschools, housing societies and sports arenas. Eventually, we also plan on opening our own center for kids.

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